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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lamming (Early) 20mm - Size Comparison with the 'more robust' or 'upgraded' figures

Hopefully this will illustrate the difference in size between the early Lamming and the later 'upgraded' figures. Left to right: top is the British dragoon and under him the upgraded version. Next is the French Guard Chasseur and again underneath the upgraded version. Next is a Hinton Hunt Hussar to show comparison size - I was prepared to live with the difference here. The top left horse is a Hinton Hunt (which I always felt was a bit too small - particularly for heavy cavalry), Next to that is an early Lamming horse with the upgraded version underneath it. Finally bottom left is newer Lamming French Hussar which appears to be midway between the two Lamming sizes!
I think you might be able to see why the early Lamming were acceptable to me and the later ones were not. You can see it better when you click and enlarge the image.
Finally to respond to a question received as to why not just use Hinton Hunt Cavalry - which is of course a good question - the fact is that at the time I got around to and could afford to buy cavalry - unfortunately the Hinton Hunt Cavalry moulds had deteriorated and were generating badly flashed lumps of metal!

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