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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Of My Neglected ECW Period Figures

I was digging out some ECW and Thirty Years War Minifigs (and others) figures to photograph and send to Clive Smithers for inclusion on his 'The Lone S Ranger' blog.

It struck me that I really liked the Thirty Years War figures and they brought back many memories so I thought I would add some pictures to the blog.

They are actually painted up to represent an ECW trained band.

In this case this is the fictitious Colchester trained band - which is where I lived when I painted it - years ago!

ECW - Colchester Trained Band

TYW 1s - Musketeer Advancing

TYW 2s - Pikeman Receiving

TYW 3s - Officer

TYW 6s - Halberdier

TYW My Drummer Conversion

TYW 5s - (actual)Drummer

ECWA 2s - Galloper/H1 -Horse

TYWC 1s - Reiter

My drummer conversion was made prior to the release of the TYW 5s - Drummer and I never every did see a TYW 4s - Standard Bearer.
My standard bearers are just Pikemen with 'old toothpaste tube' aluminum flags attached.
I also have a second of these regiments painted up as the fictitious 'Halstead' trained band!