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Monday, March 9, 2009

From My Sample Box (6) - Hinton Hunt - French Napoleonic Dis-mountable Line Cavalry

The images above show all the French line cavalry dis-mountable series from left to right:
Top row: FN310 Cuirassier (FNH5), FN311 Carabinier (FNH5), FN313 Lancer-Gendarme 1811 (FNH3), FN315 Elite Hussar (FNH7), FN315a Elite Hussar holding carbine (FNH7). Middle row: FN315b Elite Hussar firing carbine (FNH7), FN316 Hussar Trooper (FNH7), FN317 Hussar in Merliton Cap (FNH7), FN318 Elite Chasseur a Cheval Trooper (FNH7), FN319 Chasseur a Cheval Trooper in Shako (FNH7), FN320 Light Horse Lancer (FNH7).
Bottom row: Horses FNH3, FNH5 & FNH7. Red paint remnants are from aborted attempt at recasting!
Not shown FN148 Dragoon - which is included in Line Dragoon numbering series.

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