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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Austrian Hussars are now available in the Hinton Compatible Range

After a long absence from the hobby - House moves, Health and family issues - I hope everybody is well and enjoying full health and the hobby - I have returned to announce the availability of Austrian Hussars - see my Hinton Compatible blog for full details.

Well I had not planned on producing any more figures in this range - solely due to the cost of production versus sales (after my own requirements)

It now costs approximately $200 to have a single figure professionally sculpted and then have master and production molds made! So you can see you must sell quite a few before breaking even.

But in this case (as also per the Cuirassiers) a collector who wanted some hussars stepped in and provided some funds towards the production costs - Many thanks to Jay Stribling for providing almost half of the $1000 it took to produce these 5 new figures.

Both of us will not get any return on this investment other than being able to get these fine figures - a true labour of love.

As per the rest of the Hussars have been superbly sculpted by Andy Stadden and the molds have been beautifully cast.

It is a shame more folks do not use this scale today - they are really nice figures and compliment my Hintons very well. - Boo to the larger scales!

Check the new Hussars page on the Hinton Compatible blog to see the full range and pricing