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Monday, February 9, 2009

From My Sample Box (5) - Hinton Hunt - French Napoleonic Dis-mountable General Staff

Left Image:
Top Row: FN350 Napoleon, FN351 Prince Murat, FN352 Eugene de Beauharnais, FN353 Marshall Bessieres, FN354 Marshall Ney, FN355 Marshall Davout, FN356 Marshall Massena.
Middle Row: FN357 Marshall Soult, FN358 Marshall General Junot, FN359 General Lasalle, FN360 General Dorsenne, FN361 General Nansouty, FN362 General Baraguay d'Hilliers, FN371 ADC.
Bottom Row: FNH10, FNH11, FNH13

Right Image:
Scan of page 5 of the same Hinton catalogue.

Ok - I received a complaint from the French Ambassador about unfair treatment - So here is the same deal for the French as the British received in the previous blog.
All the dis-mountable General Staff figures as a complete set. The only one I didn't purchase at the store is the last one - the ADC and I haven't yet stripped the paint of him! - unfortunately there were a few empty compartments in the drawers at the store when I visited it.


  1. Hi Ron

    Nice to see the HH French staff figures - one slight (and unworthy!) crib: Bessieres is the left end of the lower row - interestingly, the Hinton Hunter blog has the pictures of Bessieres and Soult transposed as well (I've been on at him for a while to fix that!), so if that's one of your references, it's dodgy in that case!

    Best regards - keep up the good work (kugw)


  2. No Tony you are WRONG!!......
    :) hehe - your comments are most worthy!! - I mixed up those two - with their similar pose - when I moved them all to another brighter position to photograph them - I had them in individual bags with their names originally. My eyes are not what they where and I am fighting getting eyeglasses! - I was not careful enough. Anyway I can't blame Clives site I didn't use it as a source this time!
    Thanks for pointing this out - I re-photographed them since I wanted to maintain the number sequence in the photo.



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