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Monday, February 9, 2009

From My Sample Box (4) - Hinton Hunt - British Napoleonic Dis-mountable General Staff

Left Image:
Top Row: BN250 Wellington, BN251 Leut-Gen. Lord Hill, BN252 Leut-Gen. Earl of Uxbridge, BN253 Leut-Gen. Sir Thomas Picton, BN254 Leut-Gen. Count von Alten.
Second Row: BN255 Maj-Gen. Sir Stapleton Cotton, BN256 Maj-Gen. General Cooke, BN257 Maj-Gen. Ponsonby, BN261 ADC, BN264 Cavalry Staff Corp Officer.
Third Row: BNH10, BNH11, BNH12 Bottom Row: BNH13, BNH4.

Right Image:
Scan of Page 8 of the Hinton catalog at the time showing these figures and which horse to use. Has my tick marks that I made as I found the items in the drawers - which were not all that tidy!

I was sorting out different sample figures to photograph to send to Clive for inclusion in his great 'The Hinton Hunter Blog'. I couldn't resist photographing all the British General Staff dis-mountable figures since these are a complete set along with the appropriate horses which I picked up myself at Hintons shop in London many years ago! I will always remember going there and being allowed to rummaged all through the many drawer cabinets gathering a vast array of single figures to keep as samples both to order from later and also in case I ever got good at casting! Of course I didn't mention that - nor did I get any good at casting! I left there hardly able to walk under the weight of the lead but luckily I was a few pounds sterling lighter! How I wish I could still go and visit that store now!

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