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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Newly Recuited 2nd Hussar Regiment (Lamming) brigaded with Veteran 1st Hussar Regiment

Recruiting the 2nd French Hussar Regiment (Lamming)

Time to move on to another project - Recruitment of the 2nd French Hussar Regiment from the Lamming range of figures. By the time I had saved enough money to purchase cavalry to go with my French Napoleonic army - the Hinton figures were beginning to show master breakdown and had large amounts of flash which I was not fond of cleaning off them. At this time Lamming figures were beginning to appear with enough variations to make them worth consideration to be used instead of Hinton. The scales were not exact Lamming was a bit larger - particularly the horses - but they were close enough so I decided to purchase a large number while they were available. This was at least thirty years ago! Now the earlier figures were referred to as 20mm and the later upgraded ones were referred to as 25mm - besides the stated reason of making them "more robust" the upgraded ones were presumably also made with compatibility to the Minifigs S range which was coming on strong at the time.

I had already decided on the 33:1 ratio for troop numbers to castings and this together with an average sized French Line Light Cavalry regiment meant I needed 3 figures per company (troop) - or 6 figures per squadron. I had also decided on 3 squadrons per regiment in the case of the hussars. This meant I required 18 total cavalry figures.

Lamming produced the hussars in elite colpacks and also in shakos. I therefore took advantage of this and decided to form the first squadron as the elite company and use the colpack Figures. The first squadron comprised: one FC/15 Officer in Colpack with Horse LTs, one FC/14 Trumpeter in Colpack with Horse FH and four FC/13 Trooper's in Colpack with Horse FH.
The second and third squadrons would use the shako wearers and the second squadron was distinguished from the third by having a trumpeteer. So the second squadron was formed from: one FC/11 Officer in Shako with horse LTs, one FC/12 Trumpeter in Shako with horse FH and 4 FC/10 Trooper in Shako with horse FH. The third squadron had an extra trooper instead of the trumpeter.

Light Cavalry regiments in my armies don't take their standards on campaign which relieved me of the task of converting a figure!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN44 Line Fusilier Kneeling

This was the last figure in the Early Minifig French Napoleonic range and the subsequent figures made were all in the 'S' range.

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN43 Line Sapper

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN42 Old Guard Sapper

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN41 Line Infantry Drummer

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN40 Line Horse Artilleryman Firing Gun

Same as FN37 Guard Horse Figure with plume cut off.

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN39 Line Horse Artilleryman Holding Rammer

Same as FN36 Guard Horse Figure with plume cut off.

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN38 Line Horse Artilleryman Carrying Canister

Same as FN35 Guard Horse Figure with plume cut off.

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN37 Old Guard Horse Artilleryman Firing Gun

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN36 Old Guard Horse Artilleryman Holding Rammer

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN35 Old Guard Horse Artilleryman Carrying Canister

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN34 Old Guard Foot Artilleryman Holding Rammer

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN33 Old Guard Foot Artilleryman Carrying Ball

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN32 Old Guard Foot Artilleryman Firing Gun

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN31 Old Guard Foot Artilleryman Holding Trail Spike

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN30 Line Fusilier Advancing

Hinton Hunt FN5 anybody?

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN29 Line Fusilier On Guard

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN27 Line Voltigeur Officer Charging

Note the similarity to the equivalent Hinton Hunt FN1 figure!

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN26 Line Infantry Eagle Bearer

Again a good use of a basic master plus addition of flag pole instead of a pistol (FN27)

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm FN25 Line Voltigeur Officer Charging

This figure is Identical to FN27 Line Grenadier Officer with the plume cut off - see that picture - another example of efficient use of masters!

First Minifig 20mm catalogue which incorporated Alberken figures

To be continued.................