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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lack of new posts

I am currently in the middle of moving house - so I have not had time to post new items here - hopefully will all be completed by mid June. I am sick of packing boxes and lugging them all over! - I can't believe the number of soldier and book boxes I have!! - Not a normal move at all! - My wife thinks I am crazy!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lamming (Early) 20mm - British Light Dragoons

The top two images show front and back views of the British Light Dragoon figures.
From left to right - top row: BC13-Light Dragoon Trooper, BC14-Hussar Officer. bottom row: LD British Light Dragoon Horse and BOH British Officers Horse.
To the best of my knowledge Lamming never got around to making a Light Dragoon Trumpeter and if they did it was almost certainly a 'more robust' and therefore to0 large for me to use. If you click and enlarge the first image and look closely you can see the 'scale creep' of the Officer (which figure was made some time later) compared to the Trooper!

The bottom two images shows two Light Dragoon regiments (with two squadrons each)
lined up awaiting their paint job!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lamming (Early) 20mm - British Hussars

The top two images show front and back views of the British Hussar figures.
From left to right - top row: BC1-Hussar Trooper, BC2-Hussar Officer and BC5 Hussar Trumpeter. bottom row: H3 British Light Cavalry Horse and H2 British Light Cavalry Horse.

The bottom two images shows two regiments (with two squadrons) brigaded and led by Uxbridge. The paint fairy needs to get to work!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lamming (Early) 20mm - British Heavy Dragoons - Royal Scots Greys

The top two images show front and back views of the Royal Scots Greys figures.
From left to right - top row: BC2-Scots Grey Trooper, BC6-Scots Grey Officer and BC7-Scots Grey Trumpeter. bottom row: BOH Officers Horse and RSC British Scots Grey Horse.

The bottom two images shows the regiment (with two squadrons) brigaded for comparison purposes with a similar regiment of Minifigs S Type figures.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lamming (Early) 20mm - British Heavy Dragoons

Lamming British Heavy Dragoons could be painted as either Dragoon Guards or Line Dragoons. (They are depicted as the Kings Dragoon Guards in the previous post)

The top two images show front and back views of theses figures.
From left to right - top row: BC10-Heavy Dragoon Trooper, BC11-Heavy Dragoon Officer and BC12-Heavy Dragoon Trumpeter. bottom row: BOH Officers Horse and BD British Heavy Dragoon Horse.

The bottom two images show two of the three regiments of the Union Brigade - Ist Heavy Dragoons, The Royals(English) and 6th Heavy Dragoons, Inniskilling(Irish) each with two squadrons. to these two regiments was added the 2nd Heavy Dragoons, Scots Greys(Scottish)-(featured in the next post). The Union Brigade was so called because it was made up of these three different national(ethnic or regional) regiments of the United Kingdom.

Lamming (Early) 20mm - British Life Guards and Horse Guards

Lamming British Life Guard Cavalry figures were produced to be painted either as Life Guards or Horse Guards.

The top two images show front and back views of theses figures.
From left to right - top row: BC3-Life Guard Trooper, BC8-Life Guard Officer and BC9-Life Guard Trumpeter. bottom row: BOH Officers Horse and BLG British Life Guards Horse.

The bottom two images shows the British Guards Cavalry Division (known also as the Household Brigade)(2 Brigades of 2 Regiments each of 2 Squadrons). The Regiments are the 1st and 2nd Life Guards, The Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) and the Ist Kings Dragoon Guards (figures featured in the next post). All awaiting the illusive paint job!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Old Soldiers Never Die....They Just Trade Away

New Miniature Figure Trading Blog

Hi All,

For some time now I have been sorting out lots of redundant figures that I have with an intent to either sell them on Ebay or trade away.

It seems to me to be more desirable to offer the figures for consideration to friends and aquaintances first in an attempt to save some of the costs associated with fees and bidding up on Ebay and other places.

Therefore I have decided to make a new blog: Old Soldiers Never Die They Just Trade Away
that will enable folks to post figures for trade, sale and wanted.

There are no restrictions on scale, size, type, period or material (plastic/metal etc). Although I would prefer it to be mainly vintage or reproduced or compatible wargame figures and associated material only.

Therefore I will remove non wargame posts from the site. Otherwise the only moderation will be for appropriateness of language, decency and civility. I may also add labels if the poster forgets them to enable ease of searching.

I welcome and desire all and any interested participants. Please feel free to post away - simple instructions are at top of blog.

Makers/Manufacturers of figures please feel free also to post on the blog if you wish.

I have posted a first trade as an example (it is a genuine trade). I will also be posting more of my available figures and also my own wants list later.

There is no 'owner' of the blog per see and nobody gets 'first dibs' or will be able to skim of the top - thats why the posts go on immediately without moderation for all to see - only moderated, as above, afterwards if necessary - which will not, I hope, normally be the case.

I leave all pricing, bartering and trading to be completed privately by email by the participants - although again there are no rules against using the post and or comments as you wish - it's entirely up to you.

I welcome all comments, suggestions and feedback.

Good Trading,


Monday, April 6, 2009

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm Napoleonic Personalities - Marshall Ney

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm Napoleonic Personalities - Marshall Murat

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm Napoleonic Personalities - Prince Eugene

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm Napoleonic Personalities - Napoleon

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm Napoleonic Personalities - General 'Top Hat' Picton

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm Napoleonic Personalities - General 'Daddy' Hill

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm Napoleonic Personalities - Earl of Uxbridge

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm Napoleonic Personalities - Duke of Wellington

There were eight personality figures in this range - four British and four French.
These sample figures were all painted many years ago by a very dear friend now unfortunately no longer with us - which is why I am loath to strip them down!
I should also point out that many of the so called Alberken figures were not actually in the range until after Minifigs took it over and that strictly speaking are therefore not Alberkens but are Early Minifigs. However I have retained the title in the post headings for consistency over the Alberken and/or Early Minifig range that I display.

Friday, April 3, 2009

From My Sample Box (7) - Hinton Hunt - Early French Napoleonic Infantry (1798-1806)

It's a pity Hinton never developed this range further - there's lots of good Republican/pre-Imperial era battles to fight! These were the only figures he produced in this range for this period. Also, unfortunately, he never made any early Austrians wearing helmets for these figures to fight! Alberken/Minifig did however.
(As Roy points out they can fight the 'Stove-Pipe Shako' British figures that HH made for Penisular battles - which again was another limited figure range)

From Left to right: FN 271 - Officer Charging, FN 274 - Private Charging, FN 275 - Private Firing, FN 276 - Officer Marching and FN 277 - Private marching

Monday, March 16, 2009

20mm French Napoleonic 8/9 pdr Field Gun - Comparisons of different manufacturer's model

Without doubt my first choice for artillery for this period would always be the Hinchcliffe 20mm products - clean good looking - scale correct and a good range of different pieces. Alas they are no more and trying to find any nowadays is almost impossible. So I sorted out all the different samples I had - bought some I didn't have - and compared the French 8/9 pdr offerings from all the manufacturers I managed to collect/obtain.

The images shows on the top row - from left to right:-

RSM - Currently available but a little too small in my opinion given that Hinton Hunt are the figures I need the artillery to match.

Hinton Hunt - No longer obtainable - untidy casting - always seemed too small to me - Even if it was obtainable I wouldn't use it!

Alberken - Oversize wheels and barrel - shows its vintage and of course no longer available.

Minifig S Range - Quite a good casting - a little coarse by today's standards and again no longer available.

Hinchliffe - The ideal product in my opinion - all others have to be compared to this standard - Sadly no longer available.

Bottom row left to right:-

Lamming - No Longer available - nice clean square casting - a little thick in the wheel but if it were available it might be a contender - because of its clean square and neat casting - although some of the others are better scale and more accurate.

Rose - Available again from Greenwood and Ball - Really nice clean square casting - Scale feels right - proportions look right - except wheel hubs which are too small and no outward cant to spokes.

NapoleoN - Currently available - also a nice clean casting - probably the best wheels of all the models - a very accurate representation of the field gun - I am not sure I like the one piece casting of the barrel and the carriage - it just doesn't feel right - Nevertheless it is a model that is well worth using.

Kennington(SHQ) - Currently available - it also is a good clean casting if a little unsquare and slightly misformed - at least the ones I got were - but again it looks reasonably accurate but the trail side view doesn't ring true to the scale drawings. Wheels and axles are a very sloppy fit - I would certainly use in the absence of a couple others here.

Les Higgins(Phoenix) - Not sure if NapoleoN will re-issure these guns - I didn't have a French one so I had to resort to the British one that I had to show the scale and quality. Clean casting little plain - If NapoleoN reissue it then I need to get a French gun for better comparison. Though I cannot see why they would reissue it given the quality of their own gun.

So who wins? - For my money in the absence of Hinchliffe - I will use the Rose and/or The NapoleoN. I love the clean square uniform castings of the Rose product - but I also really like the wheels on the NapoleoN gun. If it's barrel was not cast to the carriage then I would use that model solely

Now I want them both to make the howitzer and the 12pdr and also the limbers!!

I used the drawings in Osprey's New Vanguard - Napoleons Guns 1792-1815 as a guide when looking for scale and accuracy.