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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lamming (Early) 20mm - Polish or Dutch Lancers of the Guard

In the normal efficient manner of maximizing the use of masters and moulds these figures were provided to be used as Polish or Dutch Lancers of the Guard.

The top two images show front/back and left/right views of the Lancers of the Guard
Top row left to right: FC19-Lancer, FC20-Lancer Officer and FC25-Lancer Trumpeter.
On the bottom: H2 and H3 Light Cavalry Horses which were the appropriate horses for the Lancers.
The bottom two images show the Polish Lancer Regiment brigaded with the Dutch Lancer Regiment each of 4 (six figure)Squadrons arrayed and awaiting paint!

Each squadron consists of an officer and 5 lancers - except that the first squadron of each regiment boasts a trumpeter replacing one of the lancers.
Not shown - I have two more squadrons which will become Lancers of the Vistula with some suitable minor changes. also for all three regiments I will replace all lances with hand made straight wire ones and will repose the arm/lance positions prior to painting.


  1. WOW-how do you get hold of all this stuff?


  2. Well I got all the Lamming figures years ago over a period of about five years - just had two much on my plate during my family growing up' period to do much with the hobby.
    Now of course the benefit is I have all these figures that are currently no longer produced - but still have mountains of painting to do!
    Thankfully I bought them at the time as complete units - so only in one case do I need a couple of Lamming figures - that I appear to have lost!


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