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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lamming (Early) 20mm - French Mounted Personality Figures

Here are the three French mounted personality figures made by Lamming for this range - they were nice clean castings and each with their own unique horse.

In the top two images (left to right and front and back): French General, Napoleon and Murat with their respective horses underneath them.
On the Bottom: a view of them mounted and awaiting the illusive painter!

That concludes the Lamming French Mounted figures (Except limber riders which will be included with the artillery when shown). After this the Lamming range was to my dismay 'upgraded' into 'more robust' figures - to use their words - or using mine 'into new larger Minifig size lookalikes' and lost all their appeal to me. They always were larger then Hinton Hunt figures but in my opinion manageable and acceptable - the changes made the new versions useless for my use.

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