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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Newly Recuited 2nd Hussar Regiment (Lamming) brigaded with Veteran 1st Hussar Regiment


  1. are you going to leave anything on ebay for anybody else, or are you going to take it all.

  2. Hi Ron

    Sorry to see a bit of petulance on the eBay front. There has been a period of extreme something-or-other in eBay land recently, in which a small group of UK enthusiasts have pushed the prices of Hinton Hunt figures (in particular) to pretty unreasonable levels. Crazy bids at the last moment - win at all costs.

    That's OK - not my favourite game, but good luck to those with the balls for it.

    The last-minute-nuke strategy is well established, but I believe it works like this: put on a completely outrageous bid with 5 seconds to go. If there are no other lunatics bidding at the same time then you will win easily, defeating all other bids out of sight, yet not needing to pay out anything close to the outrageous figure.

    Of course, if there is more than one person with the same strategy bidding at the same time, the world explodes.

    May I say that I am delighted that you have given some of these guys a fright. It hasn't brought any added realism to the market value of Hintons, but the exchange rate is now working in your favour, and it is interesting to see what happens when there is a new tiger in the jungle.

    More power to you, my fiend. Have enjoyed your blog greatly - especially good to see your pics of the Alberken figures - a great complement to the other excellent collector blogs which are extant.



  3. Tony, thanks for your commnts and I am pleased that you also enjoy the blog - it is always my intention to add to and supplment the other great blogs dealing with similar subjects.

    Yes the late bid Ebay strategy is of course a common ploy and I have oten used it myself.
    and as you point out - I too have also been caught out at that game - and have paid far too much for items when here is another agresive bidder - so now I bid what I feel is the maximum I will pay and leave it at that.
    When the local finishing time is outside normal daytime for me - which since I live in Canada is often the case - then it is more difficult to place last minute bids anyway.

    I have no problem at all with other folks outbidding me that is always their right - thats what an auction is dsigned to do - get the highest possible price for the seller.

    So I have no sympathy for bidders who whine when they lose an auction.

    Take care!


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