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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Old Soldiers Never Die....They Just Trade Away

New Miniature Figure Trading Blog

Hi All,

For some time now I have been sorting out lots of redundant figures that I have with an intent to either sell them on Ebay or trade away.

It seems to me to be more desirable to offer the figures for consideration to friends and aquaintances first in an attempt to save some of the costs associated with fees and bidding up on Ebay and other places.

Therefore I have decided to make a new blog: Old Soldiers Never Die They Just Trade Away
that will enable folks to post figures for trade, sale and wanted.

There are no restrictions on scale, size, type, period or material (plastic/metal etc). Although I would prefer it to be mainly vintage or reproduced or compatible wargame figures and associated material only.

Therefore I will remove non wargame posts from the site. Otherwise the only moderation will be for appropriateness of language, decency and civility. I may also add labels if the poster forgets them to enable ease of searching.

I welcome and desire all and any interested participants. Please feel free to post away - simple instructions are at top of blog.

Makers/Manufacturers of figures please feel free also to post on the blog if you wish.

I have posted a first trade as an example (it is a genuine trade). I will also be posting more of my available figures and also my own wants list later.

There is no 'owner' of the blog per see and nobody gets 'first dibs' or will be able to skim of the top - thats why the posts go on immediately without moderation for all to see - only moderated, as above, afterwards if necessary - which will not, I hope, normally be the case.

I leave all pricing, bartering and trading to be completed privately by email by the participants - although again there are no rules against using the post and or comments as you wish - it's entirely up to you.

I welcome all comments, suggestions and feedback.

Good Trading,


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