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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lack of new posts

I am currently in the middle of moving house - so I have not had time to post new items here - hopefully will all be completed by mid June. I am sick of packing boxes and lugging them all over! - I can't believe the number of soldier and book boxes I have!! - Not a normal move at all! - My wife thinks I am crazy!


  1. Mark the boxes well..I moved 18 months ago and have "lost" the entire War of the Roses!


  2. Ouch! hopefully you can eventually find the 'War' among the boxes - I am well marking all my boxes for just that reason.

    I am now up to 150 (68 liter) storage boxes! Not all soldiers of course but all either soldiers, Trains, Cars and Books etc.
    I have a 3500 British Railways book collection! that is now located in the new house on 9 x 3' wide by 5' high bookshelves. That does not include the Military books and magazines.
    I have over 150 Railway engines and vast quantities of other railway equipment. Since I used to also own a model car distribution business - I have over 6000 model vehicles also.

    I am doing the move myself with a large trailer that was available from my son-in-law. I would have probably have had to hire 2 lots of movers to move the amount of stuff I have. I must be mad! My back is breaking!

    The house furniture is the easiest and smallest part of the move!

    Resolution stop hording stuff and start to liquidate collection now!


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