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Friday, April 17, 2009

Lamming (Early) 20mm - British Light Dragoons

The top two images show front and back views of the British Light Dragoon figures.
From left to right - top row: BC13-Light Dragoon Trooper, BC14-Hussar Officer. bottom row: LD British Light Dragoon Horse and BOH British Officers Horse.
To the best of my knowledge Lamming never got around to making a Light Dragoon Trumpeter and if they did it was almost certainly a 'more robust' and therefore to0 large for me to use. If you click and enlarge the first image and look closely you can see the 'scale creep' of the Officer (which figure was made some time later) compared to the Trooper!

The bottom two images shows two Light Dragoon regiments (with two squadrons each)
lined up awaiting their paint job!

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