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Monday, April 6, 2009

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm Napoleonic Personalities - Marshall Ney


  1. Ron

    These are lovely - I have a very scruffy Eugene in the spares box for repainting, and I briefly had a Ney, whose horse had apparently been shocked into sitting down.

    I'd forgotten - no, correction - I don't think I've ever really fully appreciated what nice little figures these are/were. Without wishing to incur odium from the HH collecting heroes, I would suggest that these are about the most pleasing 20mm staff presonalities there have been.

    Thanks for this - I must dig out Eugene, though the poor guy is likely to end up as a French Guard horse artillery officer the way things are...



  2. Roy,

    I also am very fond of the Alberken/Early Minifig range - They do not have some of the detail that HH (prior to the flashed moulds) and others have and they are certainly cruder sculpts with flat surfaces everywhere - but there is a charm that is hard to put ones finger on - I can state that from this perspective that they are still my favorite figures.



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