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Friday, April 3, 2009

From My Sample Box (7) - Hinton Hunt - Early French Napoleonic Infantry (1798-1806)

It's a pity Hinton never developed this range further - there's lots of good Republican/pre-Imperial era battles to fight! These were the only figures he produced in this range for this period. Also, unfortunately, he never made any early Austrians wearing helmets for these figures to fight! Alberken/Minifig did however.
(As Roy points out they can fight the 'Stove-Pipe Shako' British figures that HH made for Penisular battles - which again was another limited figure range)

From Left to right: FN 271 - Officer Charging, FN 274 - Private Charging, FN 275 - Private Firing, FN 276 - Officer Marching and FN 277 - Private marching


  1. These figures were not really Republicans. They wwere more for French 1805 troops and were to fight the British early stove-pipe shako and queue infantry. That way you could refight Maida. There was that one French early Hussar tio go with them, but, as you say LL no nice Austrians for 1805 to 1809.
    OPf course a Hinton Hunt Wurttemburger would do for those Austrians (well the German troops anyway. Just the plastron fronted jackeet would be slightly wrong.

    Best Regards

  2. Good point Roy!

    I had not thought about it that way!

    As you state they are pre-1806 shako and uniform changes and are really suitable to fight the 'stove pipe' Brits - another limited range as far as Hinton Hunt figures.


  3. Hi Ron,
    At least with the stove pipe Brits you can use the early heavy dragoon in bicorne, the light dragoon in Tarleton and the RHA in Tarleton (Ok so the overalls are wrong for early period!
    With the French its no artillery, but you can use that early hussar in Mirliton as we said and the one piece dragoon is OK. So, of course are the 1809 French grenadiers and their officers.
    A real enthusiast could convert a couple of gun crews from the nice bicorne infantry you show.

    We'd get there!


  4. Roy,

    All Good!

    Only problem is I don't have any of the cavalry you mention nor many of the stove pipe shako troops. :)

    However stand by I have just commissioned some new figures - to be announced shortly!



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