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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Thanks for visiting my blog - my first ever!

My intention is to show all the various wargame figures I have hoarded over the years - most without ever painting them - Ah the best laid plans of a busy man are always thwarted by the need to earn a living, family demands, money and most of all time that is so elusive!

I will also be listing (and maybe showing photo's - subject to copywrite infringement) of all the books and prints etc I have collected

I hope you enjoy the blog and I welcome discussion amd comments from all.

My main interest is Napoleonics and English Civil War is a secondary era with Ancients a distant third.

I use 20mm figures mostly - but I have dabbled in 15mm and even 2mm!!

Hinton Hunt which were the state of the art when I started were my main choice - but as the castings from Hinton became poorer and more flash than figure I was forced to try and match other manufacturers. Minifigs (early range) and then the really nice 20mm figures from Les Higgins (Phoenix) which I have used almost entirely for my British units.

As for Cavalry I have used the Lamming Range - they were clean and well made if you discount the 'Easter Island' statue faces!! Of course the scales are slighty different but when faced with lumps of flash from Hinton versus a slighty larger scale there was no choice to make.

My figures were mostly purchased 40 years ago! so I have not taken advantage of later improvements from other manufacturers - I hated the move to fat stocky figures from Minifigs and long thin 25 more like 30mm from Hinchcliffe and others.

My artillery is all from Hinchcliffe's 20mm range and they were unsurpassed at the time.

Overtime I had grandiose schemes of masses of units from all the participant countries but as always this didn't happen for all the usual reasons!

I did however collect many sample figures from several manufacturers - my intention was the same as many other people at the time - to use the samples as masters to mould my own figures.

With one exception I was a complete failure at figure casting!! and so I have had this large set of samples sitting in a set of drawers for 40 years waiting for me to do something with them - this is it.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hello Ron,

    Very interesting first couple of posts you have here! Your choice of figures and their organization sounds well considered, and it almost has me itching to get back to my 15mm Napoleonics after finishing my current project (in about two years' time). Pleas do keep your blog updated with more discussion and photos as they become available. I've bookmarked you and will return often.

    Best Regards,

    Stokes Schwartz
    Illinois, USA

  3. Hi Ron.
    Enjoying your new blog and looking forward to seeing the Lamming cavalry.



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