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Friday, December 12, 2008

Basic Figures to be used for the New French Line 2nd Division (Hinton Hunt)

From left to right - FN5(88), FN9(22), FN3(22), FN4(4), FN1(10), FN8(2), FN86(2), FN6(5)
FN224(1) and Minifig FN43 Sapper(1)

From left to right/top to bottom: FN31(4), FN35(2),
FN33(2), FN32(2), FN30(2), FN34(4)

Hinchliffe's superb 20mm Artillery: 20/4 8pdr (3) and
20/12 5.5" Howitzer(1)


  1. Hi Ron - Great to see your blog! Now, will you be painting all these lads as they have waited so patiently for 40 years?



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