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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

From my Sample Box (3) Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm French Napoleonic Artillery

This is how you bought the Alberken(Early Minifig) Artillery. On the left is NFA 2 - 5.5" Howitzer, Top is NFA 1 - 9pdr Field Gun , On the right is NFA 3 - 24pdr Siege Howitzer. Not Showm is NFA 6 - French Limber which I am trying to find among my various storage places!.
They were typical 20mm artillery pieces and overscale in the barrels but definitely usable. It wasn't until much later that we saw better scale pieces such as the superb Hinchliffe products.
These were pirated by the hundreds - one mould made all the parts - and often could not be distinguished from the originals! They also bore a great similarity to the Hinton Hunt pieces!

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