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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Of My Neglected ECW Period Figures

I was digging out some ECW and Thirty Years War Minifigs (and others) figures to photograph and send to Clive Smithers for inclusion on his 'The Lone S Ranger' blog.

It struck me that I really liked the Thirty Years War figures and they brought back many memories so I thought I would add some pictures to the blog.

They are actually painted up to represent an ECW trained band.

In this case this is the fictitious Colchester trained band - which is where I lived when I painted it - years ago!

ECW - Colchester Trained Band

TYW 1s - Musketeer Advancing

TYW 2s - Pikeman Receiving

TYW 3s - Officer

TYW 6s - Halberdier

TYW My Drummer Conversion

TYW 5s - (actual)Drummer

ECWA 2s - Galloper/H1 -Horse

TYWC 1s - Reiter

My drummer conversion was made prior to the release of the TYW 5s - Drummer and I never every did see a TYW 4s - Standard Bearer.
My standard bearers are just Pikemen with 'old toothpaste tube' aluminum flags attached.
I also have a second of these regiments painted up as the fictitious 'Halstead' trained band!


  1. Hi Ron

    It's nice to see these figures again. My very first ECW foot unit was also made up of the same figures - I particularly liked the officer. Although I was only down the road from you at the time (Suffolk) I'm afraid I wasn't so inventive with unit names and mine were known as Tilley's Regiment of Foote - which I think was a real unit name. Thanks for posting!


  2. Hi, Ian

    Thanks for your comment.

    The Colchester War-gamers were quite active with ECW campaigns and we all had regiments with local names
    I had the Colchester, Halstead and Sudbury trained bands.

    Where and when were you in Suffolk?



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