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Monday, April 6, 2009

Alberken(Early Minifig) 20mm Napoleonic Personalities - Duke of Wellington

There were eight personality figures in this range - four British and four French.
These sample figures were all painted many years ago by a very dear friend now unfortunately no longer with us - which is why I am loath to strip them down!
I should also point out that many of the so called Alberken figures were not actually in the range until after Minifigs took it over and that strictly speaking are therefore not Alberkens but are Early Minifigs. However I have retained the title in the post headings for consistency over the Alberken and/or Early Minifig range that I display.


  1. I have two figures one Prussian and one British, both mounted both with copper bases. I thought that these were Alberken or early minifigs. Both obtained from a Mr. R. Higgs. Which manufacturer are they?

  2. Hmmm - I guess I would have to see the figures to have a crack at identifying them - send me a pic if you wish



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